Pretty much the most boring game I’ve ever played.  I got up to where the stupid happy monster left me behind, and couldn’t figure out how to get through a puzzle.  I then realised I have absolutely no interest in figuring it out.  And I’ve got about 1000 other games to play that have better graphics and gameplay.  The fighting mechanic of choosing actions is annoying, especially when it’s random encounters.  And then worst of all I already had the “big twist” spoiled for me.  So bleh.

  • YMMV, I’ve heard lots of people rave about Undertale.  Maybe I’ll watch a Let’s Play.

Playing Evoland 2

A pretty addictive game so far.  It starts in a 3D-ish world and then you go through a portal or something, and it suddenly 1990 and you’re in a 2D sprite world.  I got a bit stuck at times where I didn’t know where to go next and quit in frustration.


Played about an hour and am around 11% through.  If it wasn’t for me getting stuck I’d be a bit further I think.


Played another 2 hours last night, and got stuck looking for the last orphan in a stupid “we’ve taken all your money now you need to make more to get out of here” plot device.  Looking at a Let’s Play the gameplay doesn’t really get more interesting, so I’ll probably leave this one as is.  Might continue a Let’s Play from one: